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Essaysbeast.com Agreement are a legally binding agreement between the user ("student" or "tutor", both “Users”) of the of this platform Services described herein and GUDLUCK TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, a Kenyan company, registered number PVT-MKU2AYD , with its principal office at NAIROBI KENYA. Please make sure you fully read and understand the Agreement terms before signing up. If you have any doubts about any of your rights and obligations resulting from your acceptance of this Agreement, please consult us or obtain legal support.


In this Agreement:

  • “Tutor” means an individual registered on the Gudluck technologies ltd essaysbeast.com with the account classified as the “tutor” for receiving the Orders from our Students.
  • “Student” means an individual registered on the essaysbeast.com with the account classified as the “student” for receiving the services from essaysbeast.com tutors.
  • “Transaction fee” means the fee essaysbeast.com charges for the Services rendered to both parties (applicable to both student and tutors). The services include but are not limited to ensuring security of the transactions, technical maintenance of the file servers and Gudluck technologies ltd., and student support. The following are applicable commissions and charges. These charges are subject to change; therefore, the value may change upon the administration disposition.
  • “Charges” means a payment to a payment institution. Transaction fee is charged by Gudluck technologies for withdrawal of funds through that payment institution, in accordance with the section 6 of this Agreement.
  • “Assignment” means the product of the intellectual work published or provided by a Tutor through essaysbeast.com .
  • “Copyright” means the legitimate right for use and distribution of an Assignment, which is transferred from a Tutor to a student at the stage, where the Student with intent of commercial or private usage accepts the Assignment. A student accepts and does not deny a Tutor’s authorship,2 and the Tutor’s right to use their name in the document. “Services” means the marketing services provided by essaysbeast.com for users to organize their interaction on this Gudluck technologies ltd. for the purposes of ordering Assignments on various thematic orientations (articles, materials, illustrations, written opinions, etc.), and providing online consulting on a given topic on the Gudluck technologies ltd..


  1. Essaysbeast.com renders Services for custom writing and reports, to be used for research and study assistance purposes only. Under no circumstances, the Assignments are to be plagiarized by submitting it as your own work.

The following is prohibited on the Gudluck technologies ltd.

  1. The use of profanity, insults, spreading malware, discrimination of all types, insulting religious beliefs, the publication of materials that violate the rights of others (including plagiarism), and any other actions that are contrary to the Kenya laws and international humanitarian laws.

  2. The exchange of contact information between any users (including e- mail, Skype id, telephone numbers, Facebook, twitter, tumbler etc.) for communication outside the Gudluck technologies ltd.

  3. During registration, a tutor or a student must provide genuine accurate and complete information, MUST maintain this information up to date. If a user provides false information during time of registration on this platform, has reasonable grounds to believe that the information given or provided by the tutor or the student is false, inaccurate, or incomplete, the administration has full disposition to block the tutor or the student in registration; block; and/or remove such account.

  4. essaysbeast.com has a right, at any time, in its sole disposition, to request a Tutor or a Student to provide confirmation of their personal information including certificates (applicable to tutors) and identification certificates (applicable to both tutor and student) specified by the Tutor or the Student during registration on the Gudluck technologies ltd.. Essaysbeast.com has the right to have access to any information placed on the essaysbeast.com platform, including any conversation and data in user account. essaysbeast.com has а right to block or delete an account if the Tutor or the Student does not provide the requested information and/or supporting documents within 7 calendar days from essaysbeast.com request

  5. To access an account, a Tutor or a Student must enter the email address, and the password selected during registration on this website.

  6. Tutors and Students agree to protect the confidentiality of information used to access their account. Tutors and Students also agree to immediately notify essaysbeast.com of unauthorized (carried out by a third party without consent) access to the account, using their email address and password, and/or of any other breach of (suspected of violating) confidentiality of the email address and password.

  7. Gudluck technologies limited company may, at its disposition and without giving a reason, block or delete the Tutor’s or the Student’s Account.

  8. All users agree and acknowledge that the platform is not a party to any agreements, arrangements and contractual relationships that may arise between users of the Gudluck technologies ltd.; a tutor does not enter into any employment relationship with this platform and is not an employee of Gudluck technologies limited. Therefore the user has no right to request for compensation after the account is banned, suspended, or blocked.

  9. Copyright for the Assignment is transferred from a Tutor to a Student when the status of an Assignment changes to 'Completed'. If the status of an Assignment changes to 'Completed' as a result of a full refund issued to a Student, no transfer of copyright occurs.


  1. As a part of the Service, a Tutor is obligated to fulfill the instructions given by the student. Instructions, which have been communicated to a Tutor in the chat, take priority over the instructions posted in the "Instructions" section on the Assignment page; while the "Instructions" section takes priority over the instructions initially specified in the Assignment parameters (Description tab).

  2. The quality of the Assignment, provided by a Tutor, must meet the requirements specified in the Assignment as well as the basic requirements for the Assignments communicated on the Rules page on Essaysbeast.com as set forth here.

  3. The Tutor may not include information and materials, into the Assignment, from third-party sources, without adding a reference to the4 source of such information or materials. E-books and websites on the Internet, used as reference information and source materials must not constitute more than 20%, unless otherwise requested by the Student.

  4. Assignments are delivered to a Student to his/her account. A Student must be logged into their essaysbeast.com account in order to access a document ordered previously. Delivery time is based on the deadline set by the Student, with the minimum being within 1 hour. The clock for delivery starts at the time the Assignment is successfully assigned to the Tutor upon payment.

  5. A student's instructions for the Assignment must be clear and precise. If such instructions are unclear and the Student does not add the necessary instructions within required timeframe, such Assignment cannot be completed. In this case, a full refund will be issued in favor of a Student upon their request, without any penalties for the Tutor.

  6. Any revisions requested for an Assignment that is not completed must fall within the initial instructions for the Assignment. Any substantial changes to the initial instructions will be considered editing. Editing is an additional service – in this case a Tutor may decline to carry out a revision, or offer their editing services for additional charges.

  7. The minimum possible deadline for any Assignment is 1 hour.


  1. The Student will agree to make a payment for the Assignment (hereinafter referred to as Payment) in the amount charged by Minimum price allowed by this platform. The charges for an order are based on urgency. The total price for the Assignment, which includes the service fee, is communicated to the student after choosing a Tutor, and before submitting a payment on Gudluck Technologies Limited.

  2. The Student can make a payment through the following payment institutions on the Gudluck technologies ltd.: VISA or MasterCard, Pioneer and PayPal.

  3. The Student transfers 100% of the amount due for the Assignments (the net price including the transaction Fee) at the stage of hiring a Tutor. Payment from Essaysbeast.com to a Tutor shall be made within fourteen (14) calendar days after the submission of a final paper by the Tutor, in the absence of complaints, or revisions. In such cases when a Student requests a refund less than 3 days before the waiting period for their Assignment expires, the waiting period may be prolonged to more than eighteen calendar days, upon the student's request.

  4. The Student and the Tutor MUST not disclose payment information to other users. The Student shall not make payments in any amount related to the preparation and completion of Assignment to the Tutor, directly or indirectly, in any way other than through the methods provided by this platform. Gudluck technologies Limited reserves a right to block or barn user's account, if administration notices any attempt or intended to pay for such services outside this platform

  5. Gudluck technologies for any reason may decide to issue a bonus to Students. Bonus credit granted to any student does not have a real monetary equivalent outside essaysbeast.com. Therefore, may only be used for purchasing Assignments on essaysbeast.com. Withdrawal of the bonus credit to accounts outside Gudluck technologies LTD is NOT allowed. In case of a refund, the bonus credit will not be returned rather it will remain on the client account for future purchases.

  6. At the stage of payment for an Assignment, bonus credit is used automatically, thus requiring no additional actions from the User.


  1. In case of Student’s reasonable remarks and complaints about the quality of Assignment, the Student shall be entitled to request necessary adjustments in the Assignment, to be conducted by the Tutor, within a stated waiting period of fourteen (14) calendar days after submission of the Assignment. If a User requests a revision for an Assignment, the status of that Assignment is changed to “In Revision”.

  2. If necessary, a Student may request corrections for an Assignment during the last days of the waiting period. In this case, the waiting period may be extended for up to 3 days. This process may be repeated any number of times if necessary.

  3. A Tutor has between 1 and 2 days to make any amendments or corrections to the Assignment while it’s in Revision. If a Student is not satisfied with the product of the Tutor’s revision, they may request additional revisions.

  4. A Refund is an inherent part of the waiting Service. In order to request a refund for the Assignment, in cases such as violation of a deadline, inability of the Tutor to communicate properly, or unsatisfactory quality of the Assignment at the end, the Student must send a written complaint with a description of their problem, using the form located on the order page for an Assignment with ‘Under Waiting’ status.

  5. In cases where a Student accepts and completes the Assignment6 before the end of the waiting period, both a Tutor and Essaysbeast.com are relieved of the waiting obligations. Thus, as soon as the status of an Assignment changes to ‘Completed’, the Tutor has a right to decline carrying out a revision for the Assignment requested by the Student.

  6. A Tutor, who uploads an Assignment on the Gudluck technologies ltd., confirms that they own copyright for uploaded Assignment, and are fully liable in case of copyright violation by third parties. An exclusive right to the Assignment, for which the Student has paid remuneration, shall be transferred to the Student as soon as the Assignment status changes to ‘Completed’.


  1. Essaysbeast.com does not guarantee the student any Grade. Therefore a refund will not be issued to any student for the work submitted to their instructors. The student should accept the assignment if he/she believes that the assignment delivered is at par and meets all the requirements posted on the instructions

  2. The Student’s claims for refund due to unsatisfactory quality of the Assignment are to be resolved through mutual agreement between the Student and Essaysbeast.com. If it is impossible to resolve a dispute through negotiations, Essaysbeast.com has the right in its sole disposition to engage independent experts to assess the quality of the Assignment. The deadline for consideration of disputed situation should not exceed 5 business days.

  3. Student may request a refund if the Assignment has significant grammar or spelling errors, or clearly covers a different subject from the Assignment ordered in the initial instructions and description. Otherwise, all sales are final.

  4. Essaysbeast.com reserves the right to refuse in Services to anyone suspected of misusing Gudluck technologies ltd., or participating in academic fraud, and reserves the right to cancel any Assignment at its own disposition under this policy.

  5. Essaysbeast.com reserves the right to cancel an Assignment with any status, including completed Assignments, if there is enough evidence that the Assignment had been completed as a result of a fraudulent transaction. In such cases, all the funds acquired by users may be put on hold until requested by the genuine cardholder.

  6. Essaysbeast.com issues a 100% refund to a Student in the following7 cases.

  7. A Tutor does not upload the final version of the Assignment before the deadline, while the Student does not accept the delayed paper. In cases when Student accepts the delay by stating so in the conversation, by requesting a revision, or by admitting they have used the paper, the assignment is considered delayed and may be subject to a partial refund..

  8. The Assignment is plagiarized, or contains signs of usage of technical means to bypass similarity detection software, including but not limited to usage of invisible characters and word spinning. A paper is classified as plagiarized, if it is possible to clearly identify a source or multiple sources used by a Tutor, and these sources have not been cited properly..

  9. The Assignment covers a topic that is completely different from the topic requested by the Student. .

  10. Quality of the Assignment is extremely poor, the Assignment contains high amount of errors, which makes that Assignment not revisable. Whether the quality of an Assignment is high enough for to be considered revisable, is determined by Essaysbeast.com. .

  11. A Tutor uploads the final paper that does not satisfy the initial instructions provided by the Student to a major extent. If Essaysbeast.com issues a 100% refund for an Assignment to a Student, Essaysbeast.com also reimburses the Service fee. .

  12. Essaysbeast.com may issue a partial refund, split in any percentage between a Student and a Tutor if the Tutor did upload the Assignment to the Gudluck technologies ltd., but did not act upon making corrections in the accordance with the Student’s requirements. A partial refund may also be issued if a Tutor uploads a paper of satisfactory quality, fulfilling all the critical instructions, but the paper contains minor errors and inconsistencies that can be properly corrected. Essaysbeast.com reserves a right to decline a refund to Student, if that Student had not previously requested a revision for this Assignment. If Essaysbeast.com issues a partial refund for an Assignment to a Student, the Service fee is not reimbursed. .

  13. In all cases described in this Agreement, Essaysbeast.com issues refunds to a Student’s account on the Gudluck technologies ltd.


  1. We provide paid Services. Users may discontinue their use of any Services at any time in accordance with this Agreement. The date and time of any8 cancelation of Services shall be the date and time on which a user stops using our Services. The Fees for the Services may not be refundable in whole or in part as they were provided by Essaysbeast.com to a user.


  1. Users on Essaysbeast.com may transfer credit from their Essaysbeast.com account to their personal bank account or debit/credit card using the payment methods provided on Gudluck technologies ltd.. Such transfers are called Withdrawals. Users shouldn’t apply for the chargeback in order to withdraw credit from their Essaysbeast.com account to their personal account or debit/credit card.

  2. A user withdrawing funds using one of the payment methods provided by Essaysbeast.com pays a transaction fee. The total amount of transaction fee is communicated directly to user on the withdrawal page, next to their chosen method for withdrawal, before withdrawal request is submitted.

  3. A Student may transfer funds into its Essaysbeast.com account for further usage on the Platform. In order to withdraw this credit, they may only use the methods provided by Essaysbeast.com.


  1. An exclusive right to all intellectual property posted on the Gudluck technologies ltd. (including the text, logo, images, code, sounds and videos) belongs to Essaysbeast.com.

  2. Any Assignment completed and uploaded by a Tutor on the Gudluck technologies ltd. is an object of intellectual property. Essaysbeast.com shall not be entitled to use the Assignment hosted by the Tutor, including the information and/or other materials for commercial purposes, or to transfer it to third parties outside the Gudluck technologies ltd.

  3. The Tutor and the Student undertake not to download, not to publish, not to store, not to provide access to, or otherwise distribute the information and/or materials that violate rights of any third party. Essaysbeast.com does not take any responsibility for any violations of rights of third persons, caused by publication by user on the site of the Assignment of or other materials that violate rights of third persons.

  4. Use of the Gudluck technologies ltd. content is possible only within the framework functionality, the proposed Assignment or otherwise service the site. No elements of its services may be used, otherwise without the prior permission Essaysbeast.com or copyright holder.


  1. Except where prohibited by law, the Services and the Gudluck technologies ltd. are provided “as-is” and “as available” and we expressly disclaim any warranties and conditions of any kind, whether express or implied, including the warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, quiet enjoyment, accuracy, or non-infringement. We make no waiting that the Services or the Gudluck technologies ltd. (a) will meet your requirements; (b) will be available on an uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free basis; or (c) will be accurate, reliable, and free of viruses or other harmful code, complete, legal, or safe. We further make no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the content that was uploaded to the Essaysbeast.com by user as well as the quality of any product, services, information, and other materials, obtained by using the Gudluck technologies ltd.’ Services. Any information and/or materials (including downloadable, instructions, requirements and guidance, etc.), access to which the Tutor and the Student have by using the Gudluck technologies ltd.’s Services, the Tutor and the Student can use at their own risk and of their own responsibility for the possible consequences of the use of such information and/or materials.


  1. In no event shall Essaysbeast.com, its officers, directors, employees, or agents, be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, or consequential damages whatsoever arising from or related to either this Agreement, or use of the Services or the Gudluck technologies ltd.. Our liability to you for any damages arising from or related to this Agreement, will at all times be limited to the greater of amount, as was deposited by the Student in the Gudluck technologies ltd.’s account (if any). The existence of more than one claim will not enlarge this limit. The foregoing limitation of liability shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction.


  1. Essaysbeast.com has the right at any time without notification to the Tutor or to the Student to change the terms of this Agreement. The new wording of the Agreement shall be publishing on the Gudluck technologies ltd

  2. The Tutor and the Student are responsible for any risk resulted with10 the new wording of the agreement; when the Tutor or the Student continue to use the service after changes in the conditions of this Agreement is deemed with new wording. The new revised agreement shall enter into force from the date it was published on the Gudluck technologies ltd., as specified above.

  3. In the case of disagreement with any changes, as amended by Essaysbeast.com in the provisions of the present Agreement, the Tutor or the Student will be required to discontinue the use of the Gudluck technologies ltd.

  4. In the event of disputes arising in connection with the execution of this Agreement, Essaysbeast.com and the Tutor or the Student agree to make all efforts for the settlement of such disputes through negotiations. If they cannot resolve their differences through negotiation, they are to be settled in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kenya.


  1. Languages.

    This Agreement is in the English language, which prevails over any translations of it to other languages, made by us and provided to you for your convenience, as applicable. The Service is designed in the English language and its translations into other languages may contain inaccuracies for which we shall not bear any responsibility; we suggest using the English version and resorting to versions in other languages only for references and at your own risk. You also agree to have all communications with us in English.

  2. No Waiver.

    No failure or delay by a party to exercise any right or remedy provided under this Agreement or by law shall constitute a waiver of that (or any other) right or remedy, nor preclude or restrict its further exercise. No single or partial exercise of such right or remedy shall preclude or restrict the further exercise of that (or any other) right or remedy; and will not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach or default under the same or any other provision of this Agreement

  3. Other Jurisdictions.

    We make no representations that the Services or the Gudluck technologies ltd. are appropriate or available for use in all locations. Those who access or use the Services or the Gudluck technologies ltd. from jurisdictions prohibiting such use do so at their own volition and are responsible for compliance with local law.

Privacy Policy

Essaysbeast.com has always been committed to maintaining the accuracy,11 confidentiality, and security of your personal and corporate information. Site does not sell, share or distribute Student Information to any third party organization.

  1. Information we may collect from you as you browse our website

    Once our website is opened by you in a browser on a device, the following information begins to be automatically obtained:

    Your name, address, e-mail address and phone number(s).

    Your credit or debit card number and expiry date

    Details of orders you place through the Site and of the fulfillment of your orders.

    Records of correspondence (including any further information we may request from you) when you contact us to request information, report a problem, or provide feedback on our services.

    Standard information automatically collected by our web server including your IP address. Further details are set out in paragraph 5 below.

    Details of your visits to our site, including access time.

    As is true of most websites, we gather certain information automatically and store it in log files. This information may include Internet protocol (IP) addresses, cookies, browser type, Internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and/or clickstream data. We link this automatically collected data to other information we collect about you Student information used only for the purpose for which it was collected unless the student has otherwise consented or when it is required or permitted by law Student information will be maintained in as accurate, complete and up-to-date form as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is to be used. Site is responsible for maintaining and protecting student information under its control.

  2. How we use your information.

    We never sell, rent or share any of your Information (except anonymous aggregate information) with any third party. We only use the Information you provide as follows:

    To provide you with the services that you wish to use;

    For internal record keeping, billing, accounting and market research purposes;

    To respond to any queries, complaints or requests for further information;

    To improve the content of our Site.

    To customize the content and/or layout of page on our Site.

    To notify you about important functionality changes and alterations to the Site (including changes to this Privacy Policy and/or the Terms of Use), and to provide you with information about our services.

    If you are an existing customer, we will only contact you by electronic means (e-mail or SMS) with information about goods and services similar to those which were the subject of a previous sale to you. Except as set out above we will not sell, distribute or disclose your Information without your consent, unless required or permitted to do so by law such as to comply with a subpoena, or similar legal process or when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request.

  1. User Access and Choice

    If one personal information changes, or if you no longer desire our service, you may correct, update, amend, delete/remove or deactivate it by contacting our Student Support by email or phone at the contacts listed on our Contact Us page. o We will retain your information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services. We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

  2. Changes to Privacy Policy & Future developments

    We continually improve and update our website to enhance your experience. As a result, our policies continue to evolve. As we implement new technology and provide new services, we update our Privacy Policy accordingly. We encourage you to refer to this page on an ongoing basis for our most current policy and practices. From time to time, we may use your information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy policy. If our information practices change at any time in the future, we will post the policy changes on this page. If we make any material13 changes we will notify you by means of a notice on this Site prior to the change becoming effective. If you are concerned about how your information is used, you must check this page from time to time. We only use data collected from the time of the policy change onwards, for any new purposes put into

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